I have no hesitation in recommending Marisa from Savvy Interiors By Design, The level of service offered exceeded my expectations and it was a pleasure to refer Marisa to my clients to dress and show homes. Marisa was instrumental in organising cleaners, sourcing amazing hire furniture, styling and the placement whilst over viewing lighting, paint colours and garden maintenance. It was a pleasure working with her on several listings. There is no doubt that her input helped recently with a sale price due to the level of professionalism and eye for detail. I cannot thank you enough.
Anthony Gunn - Gunn & Co Estate Agents
My wife and I hired Marisa Foroni, from Savvy Interiors By Design, to prepare our Newport house for open day inspections and sale.  To put it succinctly, Marisa is quite amazing at what she does. Initially, she walked me through the house, thinking out loud about what to keep, what to move, and what to "lose". We did these things, and when she returned, she tuned everything so that it would look just right. We received so many compliments on how the house presented, and the general feel of the place. Given how my wife and I live - medium chaotic - I attribute this to Marisa's skills.  Finally, the single most important thing Marisa did for us what rare, in my experience, for service providers. Whenever she noticed something that needed doing - even outside of the scope of her service - she mentioned it, got approval to proceed and arranged for it to get done. It was like having a full-time project manager on site. She does what she says, her quality is excellent, and she charges a fair rate. I have no hesitation in recommending Marisa and Savvy Interiors By Design.
Mickey Clark Newport, VIC
Thank you for the amazing work you have done for Melbourne Rd – it looks stunning and we keep saying we should have done this earlier. Thanks Again
Firstly I would like to thank marisa for all the effort she has put in to choose all the fit and finishes for our new home. We are building our second home and were after a colour consultant to help us in our journey, because we didn’t want to make the same mistake that we done for the first one. We came across savvy interiors by design on Houzz. I must say that we also contacted few other consultant during the process but marisa approach was different. She wanted to pick all the finishes prior to our colour selection appointment unlike others. So, we decided to work with her and she is lovely to work with, she gave us a lot of questioners to find out what sort of look we are going for and directed us towards the end result. She developed a table of finishes for each room so we can get a clear picture of how the end result will be. We took almost two months to prepare for our colour selection appointment. She also accompanied us for our colour selection to make sure everything went well, it was a big relief to have someone behind us with immense knowledge and guiding us through the process. My wife is very happy and she can’t stop talking about marisa, she wants marisa help once the house is finished. If you are after a colour consultant I would definitely recommend Marisa. Pl give her a call before you look elsewhere, you won’t be disappointed.
Guru Kumar
I contacted Marisa from Savvy Interiors By Design after her services were recommended by a friend. I needed help with renovating a main bathroom, powder room and ensuite, which were all small and awkwardly shaped rooms. I'd made mistakes during the original building of the house, with floor plan and room sizes, I didn't want to make expensive mistakes again. Though I had ideas of what materials and fixtures I wanted, I couldn't figure out how to put them together and how to maximize the small spaces I had to work with. Marisa came up with some fabulous ideas for the floor plan, giving me a range of options to choose from and advice on how we could make each work. She was a breeze to work with, she responded quickly to my requests to discuss ideas during the planning stages and it was great to have her knowledge, experience and skills in putting a room together, when looking at fixtures and fittings. There are so many options available, it's easy to be overwhelmed and start second guessing your own decisions. I thought I knew what was required to renovate bathrooms, choose tiles, mirrors, vanities etc but I was overlooking the less obvious but equally important factors in bathrooms, such as the safety aspects, how much space is required to move around, how user friendly it is etc. I suspect that without help, I may have been heading for another expensive mistake. Marisa has provided working drawings for my tradesmen, which I could never put together myself. I guess I had just planned to tell them what to do, a recipe for disaster. I have no hesitation in recommending Savvy Interiors By Design and will definitely be engaging their services again on another project.
Jenni Zadel