Peel Street – 1897 Double fronted Block Victorian beauty

Selection of colour is vitally important to the ultimate success of any makeover project and should be front and foremost in the planning process.

Selecting colours at the onset provides the scope for the selection of other finishes, furniture and equipment and starting from the exterior allows for the tone of the project to evolve with flow and continuity of design concept. Essential elements to a fabulous outcome!

Colour selection for Peel street was to reflect elegance, an attribute that would partner easily with the brief for modern simplicity with tributes to the homes period heritage.

Since the property ‘s façade was part of the local council’s heritage overlay scheme, the owner was adamant that the home should also reflect the development of its character over time.

The quirky fretwork addition from the 1950s funnily enough provided for us at Savvy the direction and feel for the design of this project.

The choice of colours and exterior hard finishes reflect current colour trends and aligned what was happening in the local area.

Lines were kept simple, and the outcome was crisp, clean and sharp.

    • Client: Peel Street
    • Type: Colour consultations